2oz vegetable glycerin   |   2oz distilled water
chunky glitter    |    syringe
uv resin   |   uv light

(if your sublimating, make sure to sublimate first before making into a snow globe)

in a cup, mix 2oz of vegetable glycerin with 2oz distilled water – stir it

using your syringe, take  your mixture and release it into the predrilled hole on the bottom of the glass tumbler

fill it half way

now take your chunky glitter and pour it into the hole using a funnel, or place it near the hole and use a paint brush to brush it into the hole

after you apply the glitter, syringe the rest of the mixture into the cup, place your finger over the hole and flip to make sure the entire cup is filled

apply UV resin on the hole flattening it out

use the uv light to harden the resin for at least a minute. may need to apply twice

now you have yourself a snow globe!

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