Welcome to Your Client Portal!

This is your go-to hub for all things project-related.
Designed with you in mind,
the client portal offers a straightforward
and efficient way to manage and track
various aspects of your construction projects.

Key Features:

Project Overview:
Get a bird’s eye view of your assigned projects.
Monitor progress, milestones,
and any recent updates at a glance.

Task Management:
Stay organized with a dedicated task tracker.
Easily keep track of assigned tasks,
deadlines, and project-specific to-dos.

Invoicing Simplified:
Access and view invoices with ease.
Keep an eye on payments and maintain
control over your project budget effortlessly.

Time Tracking:
Monitor project hours seamlessly.
Our time-tracking feature provides transparency
and insight into project timelines.

File Storage:
Say goodbye to cluttered emails and desktops.
Centralized file storage ensures all project documents, from blueprints to contracts, are easily accessible.

How to Use

Simply log in with your credentials to access your personalized dashboard.

Navigate Tabs:
Effortlessly navigate through project details,
tasks, invoices, time tracking, and file storage
using the user-friendly tabs.

Stay Updated:
Check in regularly for the latest updates, new tasks, and important project information.

The client portal is designed to streamline your experience,
providing transparency, efficiency,
and easy access to project essentials.

Take control of your construction projects with this
user-friendly tool.

Let’s make project management simple and effective! 

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